Professional Differences

Mikhail- Hello

Viktor- Hi!!

Mikhail- So, you’re still quite chipper and over indulgent of your emotions still?

Viktor- Of course! Can’t you see from my smile? And you! Aren’t we always the man of too many words to say somethin’ simple. hehehe

Mikhail-Perhaps my vocabulary can be toned down a bit. But, regardless of what you think, this is how i talk. Same as in regards to how you act.

Viktor- Heheheeheheheheheheheheheehhehehe

Mikhail- Speaking of acting. I saw your little enactment on the news. Care to explain yourself there?

Viktor- Why are you worried that you’re gonna be get caught? Huh? huh? big bad Mikhail gonna get caught? hehehe

Mikhail – hardly. I worry however that your antics will cause an uproar. While it may lead to your eventual discovery, it will most likely, intrude on my work making it slower if not forcing me into hiatus for a time.

Viktor- SEE! Told ya! Told ya! youre gonna get cauuuught you’re gonna get caught. Me? I wanna get caught. I wanna get it all out in the open..but i want it to be big…really big.

MIkhail- your penchant for the dramatic is always amusing Viktor. But you really do have to think about things in the long run. I understand your love of being a gibbering nihilist can get in the way of your foresight, but if you get caught in one large fel swoop of an event, you won’t be able to continue the work.

Viktor- What’s your point?

Mikhail – (Sighs) Lets consider this shall we. ( a loud thump is heard) This is my most recent work. Notice no cuts, no destructive contusions or shows of blunt trauma. As a matter of fact, i might say he is rather content and happy in his repose.

Viktor- OOOOoooo I love show and tell days. (a loud wet slosh is heard) Lookie what i did myself. Notice the..umm.. cant notice much.

Mikhail- no you cant. What exactly did you do?

Viktor- hehehe I snuck into their garage..snuck into the bedroom…and REVVED UP THE LAWNMOWER! heheeh NNNNNn nnnn nn nn n n n !! SPLASH! SPLATTER! hehehe

Mikhail- Their? You killed two at once?

Viktor- Three technically!

Mikhail- You disgust me. Why i continue this with you I don’t know. I would get far more work done with indulging your child like need for Show and tell.

Viktor- Oh you know why you continue this Mikky. If you don’t, you lose sight of me. And you don’t get to keep tabs on me to make sure that i don’t go too far. Heheh plus…you love me. Viktory and Mikky sitting in a tree…K I L L I N G!

Mikhail- Ever astute in your mad clarity. And stop dancing on him. I need to return the body prior to his wife returning from cuckolding him.

Viktor- Cucka whata?

Mikhail_-(Exasperated sigh) Cheating on him. She’ll return and think that he died of a sudden onset of the congestive heart failure his family suffers from. She will run to the embrace of her lover afterwards whom she has not done her research on. based upon his violent past he will most likely beat her. After a few incidents of domestic abuse, I will arrive and take care of her and him in my own way. In this case an attempt of murder on his part and self defense on hers will suffice.

Viktor-uh huh…..well…don’t you have it all planned out..unless of course some jerk did this!!! (loud splatter)

Mikhail- Congratulations. You’ve contaminated my work of art with your immature sanguine finger painting. …a smiley face on his peaceful countenance. How droll.

Viktor-No one appreciates my art. Humph!

Mikhail- And no one appreciates the meticulousness it takes to ensure that a corpse appears to have died of one malady as opposed to malevolence. Skilled hands and a far less excitable personality.

Viktor-ARE YOU INSULTING ME?! I’ll shove a cherry bomb up your ass and make you watch Bambi’s Mother’s death scene over and over again until you apologize!

Mikhail-Case in point.

Viktor-I should have strangled you in the womb.

Mikhail-Your stubby digits at the time wouldn’t have been able to perform the gesticulating mo..

Viktor-YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!..but you’re my brother and i have to love you….

Mikhail-Yes of course. Love is the tie that binds. But that won’t stop me from turning you in or killing you myself if need be. Now, calm your chaotic work and attempt to do some more planning and forethought.

Viktor-Ya ya sure sure…spoilsport.

Mikhail-Good. Now i have to return the corpse, go home and prep for the day ahead. Perhaps make an appearance at my office since I will have to receive news of one of my patients passing away of heart failure.

Viktor-Ta ta…by bye….is he gone? oo yes hes gone…its just you and me now. Just you can me my sweet Variola Major. Whats that? You want me to share you with the world? BUt ill get jealous…Ok ok..lets compromise. I get to pick all the lovely people I get to share you with first. Hmmm? But of course! In the end you and me will be together…forever…and ever…

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