“The Pick Up” by Barnabas Deimos

You came into that corner store looking for something to take your mind off your life.

When you came though, you knew full well what you were looking for.


You knew I was there, that I would always be there. Its just how it works out. And so many others have tried to pick me up from there. People full of bravado or full of the belief that they are special. But in reality they’re full of shit. Im there for just a specific type of person…your type.

You came in with bewildered eyes, perusing the shop. But your gaze landed squarely on my back. You stared longing at me for quite some time didn’t you? I could tell. Though my back was to you, I could tell.

And you walked towards me, confidently, with the words “I want you” on your lips.

And who was I to fight that? You bought yourself some random items to pretend you were not just there to find something dark, handsome, and inviting.

And you could just not wait to bring me home could you?

We plopped together on the couch, snuggled up close under a blanket. Ah romance…such a fun game prior to the true events.

You flipped on the television, pretending you would only give me a partial bit of your attention. As if you could play hard to get with me. You’re dragged your fingers across my sides absent mindedly as you watched some inane sitcom. But I could tell by your touch, that you wanted what I had to offer you.

And so you did, you removed my jacket forcibly with your hands. Such tedious unnessecary things covering me, if you ask me. For in truth I would prefer to be left bare to you.

And soon we were face to face. Buried in each other. You staring into me and me staring into you.

Your explored the first layer of me. I wanted so much for you to go deeper as quickly as possible. But alas, all good things to those who wait.

And then whats this? You lifted me up, and dragged me to the bedroom. Quickly as the flash, you disrobed and found yourself jumping into the bed with me. So quick! So to the point.

Yes lets get to the gritty of it.

Again open before you, you traced your nails down my spine, as you grew more and more interested and what I was offering you.

We rolled together as its always so hard to find a good comfortable position when your you are entertaining someone in a bed.

You find that right spot for the two of us, and I begin to truly work my magic on you.

I give you bit by increasing bit. Making your heartbeat race, your breath quicken, and filling your mind with fireworks. You bite your lower lip as you anticipate with excitement what’s to happen next. It always so much fun to let people on before the reality of the situation begins.

I reach out and grab you, the tools that I was given at birth that had been providing you such wonderful feelings, begin to feel amiss.

Something is wrong…but its too late now isn’t it. I have you hooked and wrapped in my gaze and in my power. And oh such wonderful visions to be had. Where I am king. Where I was created. Where I was brought into life just for this purpose. To bring you here. To show you this place.

The darkness of the age old human feeling. The strongest emotions. The terrible things that once and still do lurk beneath your bed and outside your window. The grotesque mistakes of the natural form and the obscene recreation by man’s own hands. The claws of the alien beings beyond this world and this reality, the monstrous contortions of the things that are of this world but long forgotten.

Terrible visages of wretched flesh and sanguine displays of artistry. Where meat and clay become one. Where the mind is more than just some abstract thing.

And where you..my little pet, are nothing more than my irredeemable slave. You can not look away from these things im filling your head with can you? You keep your arms wrapped around me. You can not look away from my gaze as it tears through your psyche and plants my terrible seeds for you to cultivate.

And as quickly as it came, it comes to a thundering, gut wrenching, sickening, squelching..end.

You find yourself shivering as you realize its over.

You gasp for air, and hold me close to your body.

Exhausted, you fall into a deep slumber where the seeds I had laid begin to grow. Tendrils reaching through your brain reshowing you everything you had just witnessed. But the beauty of it..is that you r mind…retools it…reworks it…and makes it worse…soon you are crushed and suffocated by the immense weight of the horrific things swelling in your mind like a cancerous tumor.

You look at me in your arms…

And you know full well…i can do it again..and again and again…and that deep down inside…you want me too…
Of course you want me to …. after all thats why you were looking for me….when you walked into that book shop on the corner…and walked purposefully to the horror section..and pulled me…off the shelf.

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