“Flesh On the Dance Floor” by Barnabas Deimos

Jakob walked down the alley way. The sounds of nearby clubs , people, and cars.

His head was still feeling fuzzy from the last club he had been where several AMFs and droning bass had done a number on his sobriety. However, Jacob had found it boring still.

Years of bouncing from club to club, even from before he was technically legal to do so, had somewhat drained his repertoire of places he could go. At this point, the only places he hadn’t gone or been thrown out of had been some of the seedier bars and the even hardcore fetish places.

His shoulder dragged against the alley walls. Pushing back his hair, he looked around and noticed there was no one around save for those that passed down the street.

He took a moment to relieve himself behind a garbage can. Closing his eyes and exhaling into the night air, he muttered “Need something for the rest of the night. Only midnight. But all this shit is done to death.”

He finished, closed up shop, and ,slumping his head against the wall, he sighed.

“You look like you’ve seen it all sweetie,” a woman’s voice rang in his ears. Seductively almost.

Jacob snapped to attention.

There standing there was a lithe bodied woman. Dressed in a simple tiny black dress that accentuated her ample curves and tiny waist. Legs that were clearly made for sin. Long silkey black hair framed her face. Deep black rimmed eyes. Light flawless milky skin. Pouting black lips. In a well manicured finger she twirled a white faceless mask.

Jacob’s eyes were instantly focused on her. His mental capacity slowly drowning in her beauty.

“Yea..everything’s just kinda boring these days.” he stammered a bit.

“Well sweetie, if you want, follow me. We have a little underground club but I need a date and you’re cute enough..i guess. Come on.” She said, almost condescendingly. She turned and went deeper into the empty alley way.

Due to intoxication and some loss of blood supply to the brain, his mind did little to protest following a strange beautiful girl down a dark alleyway.

He followed.

Entranced by the wiggle in front of him, Jakob, unerringly trailed behind the girl. The light in the alley slowly starting to fade.

“So uh..whats your name?” he mustered as the shadows grew on them. His eyes slowly adjusting to follow the pale mask.

“Don’t ruin it with talking.” came back the response.

He gulped and followed. At least if things went well she didn’t seem like she would be the cuddly talkative type in the aftermath.

For a few more minutes and several twists and turns and a few bumps to the shins from unseen things on the ground, they continued through the urban canyon. Jakob following the bouncing white mask and pale skin like a bouncing ball. They came to stop. Jakob did his best to get his bearings in the dark, with only the light of the stars above and glow of the streets above the buildings high above his only way of knowing that he was still in the alley way.

“We’re here. Just come in, dance with me. And You’ll get to be inside me by the end of the night. And maybe some of my close girlfriends if you’re in the right spot at the right time. ” her voice was dominating and almost menacing.

Jakob gulped with excited anticipation as he heard a low grinding sound. A door in the wall slowly opened allowing light from within to pour out. The greens and blues of laser lights came out from behind the door cutting the darkness like a shining techno blade. The sounds of bass beats and electronic sounds ushered out. She walked in, a single hand beckoning him to follow.

Hypnotised, he followed. As soon as he crossed the threshold. The door closed behind him. Looking back, as his only exit disappeared, he realized he couldn’t even distinguish the wall from the door. Effectively. It was invisible.

Jakob turned his attention back. It looked like the inside of a large cathedral. Gothic architecture and statues covered the walls giving an antique feel to it. Large chandeliers swung high above holding torches that lit the ceiling. Black banners covered with white symbols he couldn’t understand covered what he assumed were stained glassed windows A huge throng of some 100 people danced and grinded amongst each other, half naked if not almost entirely in some cases save for pieces of clothing covering nipples or crotches. All as mists wrapped around their legs and obliterated the floor. Laser lights of green and blue thrummed and bounced to the sound of the music. The one thing he did take notice of, was that they almost all wore the same white masks his guide did. Men and women. Those who did, seemed to dance and act as out of place as Jakob did.

With a low scoff, he took a moment and recognized this place. They must’ve walked quite a ways. This was deeper into the more seedier part of town. He used to came here as a kid a couple of times when his parents were down on their luck. He always remembered the priests, altar boys, and nuns were really nice and would see new faces added to their numbers but they really kind of kept to the church and its grounds. Then again, being nice people in the harsher part of town it made more sense to stay sequestered in their church. He used to wonder how they even managed to convince people to come out here with them. Pretty ballsy of these clubbers to make this into an impromptu dance floor. Regardless of the location, he disdained the fact that it was still somewhat mundane. Caught up in his memory and musings, he felt a hand clutch his and drag him towards the dance floor. Looking down, he saw his beautiful guide now wearing the mask. Dragging him towards to the dance floor.

Shrugging, he followed. He was gonna at least get something outta tonight, he laughed.

As the music droned on, and the dancing went on, Jakob found himself lost in the group of people. Completely giving himself over to the hypnotic tune and grinding and dancing as the group did. The oppression of body heat and the exercise of constant gyrating against people had forced him as well as the others who hadn’t been wearing masks, to start shedding clothing. All the while his companion had stayed close to him. Pressing against him.

He looked up at the ceiling for a moment. Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. Time to take the plunge and seal the deal. He felt her bare arm wrap around him. He leaned in, slowly sliding the mask up, eyes closed, he pressed his lips to her.

He found no lips. He must of missed. Smooth, How stupid of him he scolded himself. Slowly he kissed upwards. Still bare flesh. Again. He pulled away again. Only to find his lips were sticking. Like he was kissing gum.

The hell kind of nasty ass skin does this girl have, he thought.

He opened his eyes as he tried to pull away again.

The music stopped.

Her face was blank. No eyes. No nose. No ears. No mouth.

If he could’ve opened his mouth, his scream would have overtaken the sound of the music. Instead, it was muffled in his mouth.Where his lips pressed, her flesh was slowly twisting in with his own. Making the soft tissue of his mouth indistinguishable from her pale skin.

He tried to yank away, but found where her arm was wrapped on his flesh, was slowly fusing into his own skin.

He felt his skin grow taut, his muscles straining as it felt like they were being moved about in his skin. His stomach lurched, and he wasn’t quite sure if it was a nauseous reaction or if his organ was truly moving.

His panicked loose limbs failed about. Slapping against others. Only to find where his arms hit, was the same consistency as the girl. Sticky. Traping. Engulfing. His arms were soon trapped to one girls bare back, and another man’s bare stomach. His eyes wide with fear looked around as he saw the same scene that was happening to him, was happening all around him.

Everywhere he saw people melting into each other. Flesh indistinguishable from person to person. Men indistinguishable from women. White from black. A conglomeration of flesh and meat about him obliterating the individual. He felt his legs become attached to someone else’s flesh. tightening and undulating his skin and muscle to become apart of of this thing.

He started to feel his body grew weaker. He could feel things rupturing inside him as his organs could no longer take the stretching and melting. He felt weaker and weaker. His mind trying desperately to hold on, staving off the darkness of unconsciousness. All the while the girl kept her face pressed against his. Until. Engulfing his noses with her face. Twisting his cheeks into hers. And soon her eyeless face, stared at face that was only wide terror stricken eyes that slowly rolled backwards as they too found themselves slowly dragged into and against her flesh.

Jakob was soon nothing more than a piece of pink colored flesh amongst the gigantic, undulating, throbbing mass of meat, muscle, hair, and organs. Appearing as a tumor on the misty ground.

In a single wet shudder. The flesh began to rupture. The skin breaking into dark crags and spreading open like a wound. Black blood and dessicated viscera issued out.

Unfolding like a blossoming flower, the flesh spread away from the center. There, only a small number of people stood. Naked and covered in gore. Wet and crimson with flesh and blood. The girl that jakob had followed stood in the center. Beautiful as ever save for one thing.

As the meat steamed about her, and the blood oozed down in globules.

She smiled as she caressed her pregnant belly.

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