# 6 “One Half of the Twins -The Madman’s Lover” by Barnabas Deimos



Majora Majora…


oh my love..my dear…how we’ve come this far.

Wait..your little friend is awake…you filthy whore…I know you shared yourself with them..but still…I love you so much..

WAKE UP! You home wrecker!

You filthy filthy thing! You thought I wouldn’t get jealous that my beautiful Variola allowed herself with you?!

FILTHY! Look at you, you’re nothing more than a filthy home wrecker strapped to a chair…filthy filthy…

BUT…I digress, You’re going to be useful even if you are…disgusting.

Now then, lets see…last I recall you were in bed. All sprawled out like the spiders in my Head. Oh your god that rhymes doesn’t it! Such muse my love is…anyways… I greatly considered bashing your brain in with my efficiency award. I still have no idea why I thought to bring it with me but still it was there and it was tempting. But I needed you whole. Well mostly whole.

I put a few holes in you while you were out. With a quick quick strike with a needle needle.

Right to the veins! Right to veins!

And you’ve been given the glorious joy that my beautiful lover can give.

Mmm, can you feel that painful sensation crawling all over your skin?

Mmm yes, every time you move it’s like moving under sand paper isn’t it?

Move about more please. Please please please….give me what I want…Struggle struggle struggle..aaaaand POP POP POP POP POP!

There we go!Pustules were meant to be popped…

Aww, my beautiful lover has made you all…wet…viscous and sloppily wet…

By the by…do you know where we are? You don’t do you? Do you hear that drip drip drip sound? NO nonono not the sounds of your wounds sloppily dripping about..no…

The sound of that running water…all that lovely water…

yes…we are in a water treatment plant..fresh fresh clean water…just aching to be with my beautiful beautiful Variola…

What..what’s that my dear…? Of course YOUUUU can’t survive for too long in that hideously clean water…but our friend can..our friend can…


But yes, despite so rude an interruption to be looked at in that tone of voice…this filthy thing, is helping me bring our friend together with you..with you my love..

I am jealous still.. first you’re inside this filthy thing..and now you’re inside…you’re fucking our friend..evolving..producing…creating…stronger versions of yourself…taking all the wonderful gifts me and brother gave to it when we created it…

Mmmm…so many children being birthed…with all the invulnerabilities we fathered..including a much longer survivability outside of the body…and with all symptoms and terror that you my love, my precious love, bring about in the minds these brain addled filthy sheep.

Baa…baaa…baaa…filthy little things soon to be dead.

Why are you at looking as if I am talking to you?

You filthy thing…you filthy filthy…human thing…Just because I’ve had you for several days in my presence to cultivate to be at maximum virulence doesn’t mean I AM TALKING TO YOU! Your kind is so selfish…

What’s going through your head right now? Whats going on in your filthy little head?

Filthy human thing. Crawling around in the dirt…not really caring how long your lives are…well guess what…your lives mean nothing in the span of time…watching things like you snuff out like candles..while we…we persist…what? Whats that? Your face…your face is so scared..at least I think it is..it so covered in pustules I can’t tell!

Im sure youre confused…i don’t really care…maybe I do…I am not sure..hmm…well since you can’t see, I’ll tell you! I am after all a kind thing unlike you filthy little things…

but how can I see your eyes, you wonder… if youre face is so covered in my lover’s children?!

I removed those little orbs prior to the fun. I’ve been rolling them about…trying to desperately not to smash them just yet. Why you ask? BECAUSE I WANT TO! Don’t dare tell me that I need a reason for something! You don’t govern me!

But I have been doing my best to keep them nice and moist still..But much like chewing gum, they lose their taste….But saliva does do a wonderful job at keeping them moist…

hmm…its almost time..almost time…tick tick tock…

(kefka theme hum)

Now then…you my little package..my filthy human package..will drop down down into this delightfully clean water bit by agonizing bit…Contaminating it…spreading my lover’s children all about the tired sleepy little town you call home that this will feed…

WHY?! WHY?! WHY!! you furrowed brow seems to say..no reason…diversion…boredom…they point me when I need to be pointed…and I do what needs to be done…Of course they just told me to mix my lover and her friend together in a vial and drop them in. BUT WHY DO THAT WHEN THIS IS LESS BORING!?

Cut cut cut, cut you up. And drop drop drop you bit by bit.


Let’s get rid of it shall we..

there we go! No more face..and it goes so well with your eyeballs… I think ill mount them both on a dog or something and let it run about somewhere…you had one didn’t you?

OH WELL no time to chat…time to get you out of here…now lets see…where should I start first?

That’s an excellent suggestion my beautiful Variola Majora! Lets start with the soles and work our way up…

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